Kids day out in Tuolumne County Jail

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158 Bradford St
Sonora, CA

About Tuolumne County Jail

The Tuolumne County jail was used continuously from 1857 to 1961.  This is a good example for the type of facility for the incarceration of prisoners during the county’s first hundred years.  Used for its original purpose and limited in the number of its alterations, the Museum serves today as an example of law enforcement and corrections in the no-too-distant past.

By 1960, the old jail was obsolete and a new jail was constructed one block to the north.  The space allocated to the County Museum in the Veterans Memorial Hall was being crowded by their office space needs.  At the request of the newly formed Tuolumne County Historical Society, the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors designated the old jail as the Tuolumne County Museum.  The existing cell blocks and family quarters were turned into exhibit space and an office.  All objects were transferred from the former museum space at Memorial Hall, and the Tuolumne County Historical Society became the steward of the County History Collection.

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